Vastu Tips for a Rented House: What all to look for

Vastu Tips for a Rented House: What all to look for

Vastu Shastra is becoming increasingly important to home buyers and tenants when selecting a property. Tenants living in rental homes may not be able to undertake the necessary civil work needed to comply with Vastu, which could cause them to move out frequently. In this article, we discuss how to make rented homes Vastu-compliant, share quick tips to rectify doshas, and unlock the positive flow of energy of the property.

Renting a flat or apartment can limit the changes you can make to the space, since you must get the landlord's approval first. However, if the residence is constructed with Vastu principles in mind, the people living there will be spared any issues.

Who experiences the effects of Vastu Shastra: Tenants or Property Owners?

The Vastu with regards to a house affects both the landlord and the tenant. The landlord of the building, however, is more affected by the bad effects than the tenant. The tenant of the residence will be most impacted if the owner is living somewhere else. According to Vaastu, an owner of multiple dwellings will be affected by Vaastu drawbacks in each of those homes, and the repetition of the same issue in numerous homes may cause the proprietor major issues or financial losses! If the occupant participates in any type of spiritual ritual while living in the home, the landlord of the property will mainly gain from these rituals rather than the tenant. If the property owner and tenant share a building, Vastu advises that the landlord should reside on the top floor while renting out all lower floors. As such, the occupant may never inhabit the floor above the floor that the landlord occupies. In the situation that the owner and tenant share a floor. Only the north and east sections of the house should be let out, with the landlord living in the south or west.

Key points you should look before taking an apartment, House or flat on rent:

When you rent a house, the area is a critical factor to keep in mind before settling down. Apart from being easily accessible from your job, the property should be far from regions with negative energy, such as a hospital, cemetery, or overly populated area.

This is significant because Vastu emphasizes the free circulation of positive energy in your living space. Hence, look for locations with open spaces and greenery or near a body of water. It is advisable to stay away from buildings near mobile towers. Not only can these radiations be detrimental to health, they can also disrupt the beneficial energy fields around the flat.

Here are 5 key factors to consider when selecting a flat according to a Vastu expert:

1. Location of the Main Door

Mentioned by some, the doorway of a flat is the differentiator between okay and bad Vastu. The doorway is the transit point where external energies get into the flat.

A well-sited main door will guarantee that the influential energies of the cosmos enter your flat and fill it with beneficial energies. In contrast, an improperly placed main door can bring about physical and financial difficulties.

Many individuals think they need to just search for North or East facing flats. Some Vastu experts believe that a South or West facing flat is always bad and must be completely disregarded. This is a big misconception and the fact is that a South facing house as per Vastu can bring in huge wealth and prosperity. Additionally, a West facing house as per Vastu can be great for traders, businessmen, stock brokers, real estate agents, IT professionals etc. The main door of a rented home should open inward.

2. Placement of the Kitchen as per Vastu

A small representation of the cosmic fire, the kitchen is one of the most essential parts of the apartment.

The right location of the kitchen in a rented flat, as per Vastu, can guarantee a steady cash flow and good health for the inhabitants. On the other hand, an incorrect positioning of the kitchen can lead to legal difficulties, financial losses, and stomach problems.

According to Vastu, the ideal spot for a kitchen in a rented flat is in the Southern part of the Southeast direction. Even a North West kitchen is acceptable according to Vastu. However, make sure to never pick a flat with the kitchen in the North or the South West corner.

A North kitchen can impede your business and career development, while a South West kitchen can cause disharmony in relationships. It is also essential to consider the colors of the kitchen as per Vastu, including the kitchen slab color, wall color, and cabinet colors, when selecting a flat.

If you're looking for the best Vastu colors for kitchen cabinets, here's what you need to know:

  • East: Green and brown are the best shades for cabinets.
  • South East: Red, maroon, pink, orange, and brown are ideal.
  • West: Grey, white, and golden are the top picks.
  • North: Blue, green, silver, and brown are recommended.

When selecting a kitchen platform color, there are a few Vastu tips to keep in mind:

  • For a kitchen in the East, green or brown is the optimal choice.
  • If you have a kitchen in the North East, yellow is permissible.
  • Maroon, brown, or green are suitable options for a kitchen in the South East or South. Avoid black and blue.
  • Grey or yellow is recommended for a kitchen in the West.
  • Green is the best Vastu color for a kitchen in the North.

When it comes to deciding on a color for your East-facing kitchen, some excellent options include green, brown, and beige. However, you should avoid using yellow, golden, grey, white, and silver. A few of the perfect Vastu colors for a kitchen in the North West & West are: White, Grey, Golden and Yellow. It is advisable to stay away from Green, Brown, Red and Orange in a North West & West kitchen. Colours for a kitchen situated in the North West & West according to Vastu would be: White, Grey, Golden and Yellow. Conversely, one should never use Green, Brown, Red or Orange in such a kitchen. Some of the ideal Vastu colors for a kitchen in the South East and South include Red, Orange, Pink, Brown, Green, and Beige. It is best to avoid Blue, Black, Grey, Silver, and White for a kitchen in these directions.

3. Position of Bathrooms and Toilet

Bathrooms and lavatories are areas used for the disposal of human waste. According to Vastu, the location of the toilets and bathrooms in an apartment sends a signal to our unconscious mind to jettison everything that is unwanted in our lives. When waste is eliminated appropriately, the system will perform optimally. It is imperative to comprehend this because if we install the restroom in an inappropriate spot, it will dissipate the beneficial energies of that area.

For instance- the South East corner of the flat is essential for female wellbeing in the flat. If there is a toilet in the South East corner of the flat, it will lead to a decrease in the health of the women in the household.

It can be difficult to find a flat where all the toilets are aligned with Vastu principles. Fortunately, you can easily implement practical solutions without the need for tearing down walls or shifting any bricks. An easy remedy would be to place an image of a lit candle on the south wall of the bathroom. Opt for muted tones, such as yellow, cream, or neutrals, for a lavatory situated in the southeast. These shades make for an excellent south-east loo Vastu solution.

4. Location of Bedrooms 

The bedroom is the place you will spend a large portion of your time - 8-10 hours or more if you are indolent. As such, its location is of utmost importance when deciding to rent a flat.

Contrary to the popular notion that the master bedroom should only be in the south west, we recommend that bedrooms in all four cardinal directions can be excellent. Just make sure to adhere to the correct bedroom Vastu guidelines. If, like many people, you have heard that a south east bedroom is bad and will cause disputes, disregard this information. The truth of the matter is that a south east bedroom can be beneficial for your physical and mental health. However, if you are suffering from a heart condition such as hypertension, we advise against such a bedroom.

A north bedroom can be ideal if you are involved in banking and financial services. An east bedroom is excellent if you are a politician, actor, or socialite.

For lawyers, sportsmen, people in the armed forces, etc., a south bedroom is perfect. Conversely, if you are a trader, businessman, or IT professional, a west bedroom is the best option.

5. Colours and Wallpaints 

Colors have the power to influence our moods and behavior in profound ways. Different colors can evoke different emotions, and the wrong choice of colors in the home can lead to depression, accidents, and financial losses. It's essential to ensure the right balance of colors in a rented flat to foster inner harmony and peace. 

Prior to renting an accommodation, make sure the flat is freshly painted or there are no damp spots and water leaks in the apartment.

If possible, rent an apartment that has light colors on the walls. Dark shades make the space look smaller and congested, and can be too harsh on the mind, affecting your thought process.

It's best to go with light colors like ivory or off-white. Not only do they make the flat appear bigger, they also bounce off light, making the space brighter.

Vastu tips for tenants moving to a new rented house

  • When occupying a rental house, Vastu principles can be beneficial. The direction of the house or the ‘facing’ of the house, is the direction you face, while coming out of the house.
  • For the best energy flow, the main entrance should be in the north-east direction, followed by north-west, east, north and west. It is best to avoid south, south-east and south-west entries.
  • The kitchen should be in the south-east or north-west and the master bedroom should be in the south-west. Toilets, shoe racks and kitchens should not be in the north-east.
  • The shape of the house should be square or rectangular, without any cut or extension in any direction. Balconies in the south-west direction should also be avoided, as should staircases in the north-east direction for duplex homes.

How to correct Vastu dosh without structural changes?

The ancient Vastu Shastra for rented house draws knowledge from different elemental energies that stem from nature such as the sun, lunar energy, thermal energy, cosmic energy, wind energy, and so on. These energies need to be harmonized in order to improve a home's prosperity, harmony, and success. Therefore, if you're looking at a property you like, be sure to check it for Vastu Dosha so that it isn't a place that can cause worries, problems, and anxieties. What's more, when a house is built, it's difficult to make any modifications.

This is where the following tips, which help to fix Vastu issues without having to alter the structure of the rented flat, come in handy.

  • Perform a Ganesh pooja, Navagrah shanti, and Vastu purush pooja.
  • Consider including an idol of the Vastu purush, a silver snake, a copper wire, a pearl and powla in a red cloth with red earth, and placing them in the east direction.
  • Also make it a daily practice to worship at the entrance of the house, adorning it with Swastik and Shubh-Labh symbols alongside rice and kum-kum.
    Navachandi yagya, shantipath, or agnihotra yagya may bring the peace and harmony you desire in a rental home.
  • Placing an image of Ganapati in the home can be beneficial.
  • Performing Pitrushanti, pindadan, nagabali, and narayan bali rituals may help if the south-west corner is blocked or if there is any kind of negative energy present in the home.
  • Ensure that the main entrance to the rented home is always well lit.
  • Avoid placing a television in the bedroom, as this should ideally be in the south-east corner of the study or living room.
  • No plants or water features should be kept in the bedroom.
  • Arrange the furniture in the rooms in a circular, square, or octagonal pattern for positive energy.
  • To ensure good energy flow in the entrance corridor, it is important to have something pleasant to greet the eye. Hanging a Ganesha painting or a Shri Yantra symbol can be a great way to do this.
  • Make sure there are no dark corners in your home.
  • Do not place a mirror in the kitchen.
  • Brooms and mops should be kept out of view in the kitchen.
  • Try to avoid keeping any spiny plants like cacti in the house or the reflection of tall trees like Peepal, Banyan, etc. does not fall on your rented home.
  • Store camphor crystals in distinct parts of the house as it is a Vastu dosh remedy. Substitute them often as they dissipate.
  • Make sure your home is not surrounded by structures blocking the sunlight and airflow.
  • Avoid storing expired food, damaged garments, rubbish and other unnecessary items as this can stop the Goddess Lakshmi from coming into your home and blessing it.
  • Be sure to hang a big picture of your family in the living room for positive vibes.
  • Put substantial furniture, such as beds and large cabinets, in the south-west direction of the house. Don't put the bed under a beam. Additionally, the dinner table should not look toward the main entrance of your residence.

Move away from the house if you spot the following Vastu defects

If you are somebody who is just about to shift to a new leased property, you should especially take note of this and dodge having to move soon after. We list some cases where you may not be able to fix the Vastu doshas in your rented property and should, preferably, think about relocating.

  • If you observe that the north and east direction is congested or too crowded, take a step back.
  • If you detect that the north-east section of the property is not even.
  • If the west part is too exposed, take action soon.
  • If there is a water tank, a hole, a basement or even a well in the west zone.
  • If the north-east or south-west part is dilapidated and fractured.

Elementary Vastu guidance to secure a tranquil rental residence

Here are some budget-friendly Vastu tips for a rented house to help ensure a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere.

  • Fresh air and sunlight makes the home positive. So, keep the windows open for some time in the morning.
  • Regularly mop the floor with salt water, to cleanse it.
  • Ensure that the rooms do not have any foul odour. Incense, essential oils or even dhoop will help.
  • Chants or good, calm music will create a peaceful ambience.
  • Grow plants or place flowers in your home.
  • Preserve only beautiful images and abstain from paintings that look puzzling.
  • A neat home will draw in positive energy. Occasionally, verify that there are no webs.
  • Make sure the timepieces are always in good condition.
  • Make sure that there are no spills from faucets, tubes, and faucets in the home. Dribbling of water is not seen as ideal, even in a leased home.
  • Keep the edges of your home spotless and well-lit for good vibes throughout your abode.
  • Make sure to close the bathroom doors whenever it's not in use, to ward off negative energy.
  • Medicines should not be stored in the kitchen.
  • Keep shoes away from the main door as it blocks the flow of positive energy.
  • According to Vastu Shastra placing a bowl of fruits, fresh flowers, dry fruits, or a jug of water on the dining table invites good energy and prosperity.

Is it a good idea to choose a house that faces West as per Vastu Shastra?

When looking for a home, many people prefer north and east facing houses. However, a west facing house can also bring good luck and fortune. A house in which the main entrance faces the west is known as a west facing house. Whether it's a good fit for a person or family depends on the location of the entrance and how the various rooms are positioned. 

  • The master bedroom in homes should be situated in the southwest corner, preferably on the uppermost level.
  • Staircases in a west facing house should be placed in the south, southwest, or west direction and should be designed in a clockwise rotation.
  • The furniture in the living room should be placed in west or southwest corner.
  • For placement of kids’ bedrooms, one should consider south or west directions. Make sure the door is in north or east side if you are choosing a northwest room.
  • The northeast and southwest may be ideal directions for the kitchen. Make sure to keep the cooktop in a way that you face east direction while cooking.
  • The living room should be located in the east, north, northeast, or northwest direction.

The furniture in the living room should be placed in west or southwest corner.

Easy Vstu remedies to eliminate negative influences from a rental home

  • Perform a Puja to Lord Ganesha and perform Grah Shanti to set the tone of the house. The Puja will assist in setting up a positive energy flow in the house. This energy, however, may not last long due to the presence of certain doshas that bring in negative energy.
  • The front wall should not be left bare. If the main door of a rented house opens to a blank wall, it can lead to issues. To counter this, a figurine of Lord Ganesha or a Shri Yantra can be placed on the wall.
  • If your residence does not have a devoted eating room, search for an area that faces South-West and attempt to eat your suppers there.
  • Never have chaos or clutter in your home. If you don't utilize something for more than 4-5 months, consider disposing it off. Your home should stay spotless consistently, particularly the North-East bearing of your home.
  • Every evening, light a lamp in the vicinity of a drinking water pot or Tulsi plant.
  • You may also want to install a Vastu Pyramid in your home. This is said to help boost the flow of positive energy in your living space.
  • When you're renting a house, make sure the South-West direction isn't left empty.
  • Another great idea is to have a salt lamp or a bowl of sea salt in your home, as they are known to absorb negative vibrations.
  • You'll need a Puja room or a sacred space in the North-East portion of your home. The doors should open inwards to ensure the energy doesn't leave your home. Make sure the hinges are working properly, too.
  • A plant like the Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is said to absorb a lot of negative energy, so when you need to remove this negativity, bring this plant into your house.
  • Large furniture should be placed against the Southwest wall and not the Northeast. This includes furniture like beds and cupboards.
  • If you have a study table or office workstation at home, then placing a bowl with salt near the study desk will help bring in more positive energy and help with thinking and concentration.
  • If there are leaky pipes or faucets, fix them right away. Don't waste water - it's like wasting energy.
  • When it comes to hefty equipment or bulky furniture items such as beds and cabinets, it is recommended to position them in the south-west corner of your home.


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Though being modern north-facing houses has some disadvantages as well. Let's see: For passive solar heating, a north-facing house is a poor choice for people living in colder climates. We don't get much natural lighting in north-facing homes compared to the other direct sunlight directions. It creates an overall gloomier atmosphere in the house. You have to pay higher electricity bills for electronic gadgets in colder climates, and you used to keep your home interior warm or within comfortable temperatures.

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Should everybody buy north facing house vastu?
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Which Colour Is Best for the Kitchen According to Vastu?
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White is a great colour choice for the kitchen according to vastu. It is soothing and calming, which helps create a peaceful atmosphere in the kitchen. Additionally, white is known to bring positive energy into the home, which is beneficial for the entire family. White is also a versatile colour and can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen, such as in cabinets, countertops, appliances, and paint. With white in the kitchen, you can easily change the look and feel of the space with just a few pieces of furniture or accessories.

What is the affect of pooja room under staircase as per Vastu rules?
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According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal place for a pooja room is on the ground floor of the house. It should not be placed in the basement or on the upper floors, as this could lead to negative energy. Additionally, it should not be placed under the stairs, as this could also cause disturbances in the energy flow.