How to Use Vastu to Amplify Your Business

How to Use Vastu to Amplify Your Business

When it comes to achieving success and prosperity, Vastu Shastra takes a scientific approach by utilising all five elements of nature – Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether – and combining them with the personal requirements of the individual to create a balanced layout of their workplace. Utilising purification and balancing techniques, colour palettes, and orientations related to the building, people can manifest increased potential through Vastu for business. 

Our workspaces are so much more than a mere structure of mortar, bricks, and wood. The layout, design and structure of our workplace can profoundly impact our mental and physical well-being. The vibes – whether positive or negative – that flow through a building can affect our peace of mind and overall performance. Vastu Shastra can play a vital role in helping us reach our goals of success and prosperity.

Our lives and actions are governed by elements such as Planetary positions, Destiny and Karma. Additionally, Vastu plays an important role in regulating the energy and vibes of our living and working spaces and amplify the business. A perfect balance of these ensures we can live and work peacefully. Unfortunately, a misbalance in any of these can hinder our progress. Planetary positions are out of our control, but we can work to improve our Karmas.

Principles of Vastu can be used to energize and activate our work space, ensuring that the forces of nature are in harmony with us. The dimensions of the plot, slopes, allocation of rooms, kitchen, toilets, position of cash box or cash counter, as well as color schemes – for walls, furniture, tapestries, etc. – are all evaluated and adjusted when necessary. All these have a huge impact on the area and its inhabitants.

Utilising the theories of Vastu, Industrialists, Businessmen, and Professionals can gain advantages in the following areas:

  1. Raise revenues and profits.
  2. Strengthen the relationship between workers and managers.
  3. Lessen machinery breakdowns.
  4. Increase output.
  5. Shift merchandise and inventory.
  6. Gain more customers and a better reputation.
  7. Customer gratification.
  8. Attain accomplishment, wealth, and development.

Vastu Tips for Business Growth

Water is equivalent to Wealth

Want your business to reach new heights? Surrounding it with financial energy and the element of water can do wonders.

North and North East are the directions associated with the water element. These are the directions that can help your products reach the right customers and create newer business opportunities. No wonder why most people prefer North facing houses according to Vastu. To boost the energies of these directions, using some shades of blue or black is a good idea.

Flowing water is more powerful and energized than stagnant water. Hence, to add a dash of flow, using wavy shapes on walls or in décor is a great option. Installing a fountain or waterfall as per Vastu in the North direction will also help stimulate the energies and ensure a steady flow of opportunities and wealth for your business.

Since North is the direction of wealth, it is the ideal direction for financial growth and for your accounts team to sit.

Air represents Growth and Communication

One of the best things in the modern world that can help you develop is the ability to communicate effectively with your intended audience and customers. The element of air or wood is the basis of all communication and development. As we all know, plants and trees have the inbuilt ability to expand, and by guiding them in the right direction, you can speed up your development.

East is the direction which helps you communicate and connects you with the right people. So make sure your marketing / communication team is located in the East. Placing green plants with large leaves can boost the energies in this direction. The money plant is one of the most preferred options according to Vastu Shastra.

The air element is portrayed by rectangular shapes. Place artwork, symbols, or even a basic wallpaper with rectangular shapes to activate this direction.

The colors green and brown represent the air element according to Vastu. Make sure to incorporate them into walls, curtains, upholstery and more.

Fire represents Cash Flow and Fame

Cash is essential for business growth. A steady cash flow gives you more chances to expand and flourish.

In modern times, fire is a symbol of money and cash. The brighter the fire, the better the cash flow.

We've noticed that when people experience cash flow issues or blocked payments, there is often an imbalance of the fire element in their workspace or factories. This is usually due to an incorrect toilet placement in accordance with Vastu.

If you're looking for a constant cash flow, activate the fire element in your space. Colors like red, orange, and pink are symbolic of the fire element, so adding them to the directions of fire can help boost your sales and cash flow.

The triangle shape is a representation of the fire element. Fire is also associated with luxurious products, beautiful artwork, and sharp objects. Thus, placing any of these in the fire zones can enhance the energies of the fire element.

According to Vastu, South East and South are the directions of the fire element. South East helps to increase your sales, while South helps to make your brand name more recognizable.

The fire element also grants passion, aggression, and motivation. It gives you the drive to keep pushing forward until you achieve success. Thus, this is the best direction for achieving your goals.

Earth represents Stability and Skill

The earth factor is symbolic of being connected to the physical world. It takes all your thoughts, talents and systems, and puts them in an ordered and solid foundation. It is the earth element which aids in giving your business a strong base and establishing relationships.

So if your company is not stable and undergoing frequent ups and downs, this is the element that needs to be focused on.

With the South West direction being regulated by the earth element, having a primary entrance in the South West direction would lead to immense instability in the business and life.

A balanced earth element guarantees that your business structure has a strong base and can still run even without you being there all the time. And this is the thing one needs to really expand beyond the boundaries.

Yellow and Gold colors represent the earth element. So to construct a stable and sustainable business, add shades of yellow and gold in the South West direction.

The square shape stands for the earth element. So make sure to add this in the form of images, wallpapers, etc.

One of the most powerful symbols of strength and stability is Lord Ganesha. It is believed that wherever he sits, success follows. So merely putting an idol of Lord Ganesha in the South West direction can really ensure business stability.

Another classical image of unwavering focus and stability is Lord Nandi – the faithful vehicle of Lord Shiva. We all know of his capacity to remain stable until eternity and that is why you will find him outside all Shiva temples.

Space / Metal represents Profits and Expansion

When we think of the space, we realize just how boundless and infinite it is. If you're aiming to expand your business, look to enhance the space element in your workspace.

The West direction is closely associated with the space element, and is also the direction of gains and profits. This is why a West-facing house is considered so advantageous when it follows Vastu principles. Lord Varun rules this direction, and it is believed that he is the granter of all wishes and profits. Therefore, it is essential to keep the West direction in balance.

The colors Grey and White are utilized to represent the space element. Ensure to incorporate these colors in various forms. Moreover, the space element is also known as the metal element, which is why adding metallic objects such as wind chimes, metal vases, and metal artefacts can help boost this element. Silver and gold are excellent options to increase the power of this element, so depending on your financial capabilities, you may add objects made of gold or silver. Also, you can place some silver coins in a metallic jar in the West direction. Lastly, circular shapes are symbolic of the space element.

Top 7 Vastu Tips to help you in safeguarding and saving more Money:

Avoid Sleeping in the South of South West

  • Sleeping in the South West quadrant of your house can lead to too much expenditure and waste. This zone's energies act to get rid of things from your life. That is why it's suitable for a toilet. But when these energies are balanced, they can help get rid of bad relationships, unwanted people, and negative thoughts.
  • However, sleeping in this zone also has its downsides. It's important to be aware of this quadrant when it comes to saving money. If you stay here too much, it will dispose off your money and health. This is because when you sleep here, the zone's energies send a signal to your subconscious to get rid of things.
  • Your subconscious mind does not distinguish between what needs to be disposed off and what not. As a result, sleeping here will also dispose off your finances, making it difficult to save. To ensure you don't lose money, it's best to avoid this zone for sleeping.

Close the entrance in South West

  • An entry in the South-West of your home, apartment or office is known to cause one of the most serious Vastu problems.
  • Having an opening in this direction will bring the wrath of Rahu to your property. Any efforts made by people living in such places to gain and save money will not be successful.
  • So it's best to simply steer clear of buying a house with the main entry in the south west direction.
  • If you already have an entrance in the south west, you should simply close it (and open another entry if possible).
  • For those who don't have the choice of any other constructive entry, there are easy remedies that can be used to block the negative energies of such an entrance.

Place your Safe or Money box in the West

  • Storing your safe or money box in the correct place in your house can make a big difference in your ability to save money. Vastu offers clear guidance on where to keep a safe in your home or office in order to ensure a steady flow of money and a greater ability to save.
  • The ideal spot for your safe is in the West direction. This is because the god of water and oceans, Lord Varun, presides over the West direction and ensures that your financial and material wishes are granted. West is the direction of overall prosperity in life, so keeping your safe there will guarantee that it is always full.
  • Another optimal spot is in the South West corner of your house. This is the direction of the Earth element, and so it provides stability, a quality of the earth element. Placing a safe there will ensure that your money stays safe and secure.

Place a Nandi Statue on top of the Safe

  • Nandi, the dependable vehicle of lord Shiva stands for protection and stability.
  • You'll find a Nandi representation facing the master in each Shiva temple. Symbolically, it implies that nobody can enter the temple without Nandi's approval.
  • In a similar way, putting a Nandi figure on top of your safe will make sure the safe's content stay safe and secure.
  • This is a widely used remedy when people complain of a persistent loss of money from their household. Installing a Nandi figurine almost right away guarantees that the money remains secure in your safe and the outflows are stopped.

Remove toilet from North

  • North is an important direction for financial stability and success. Placing a toilet in this area can negatively affect your ability to make and save money.
  • Lord Kuber, the god of wealth and money, is the ruler of the North direction. Placing a toilet in this area disturbs the energy field of Kuber and thus has a detrimental impact on your income and savings.
  • Toilets symbolize the flushing away of waste, so having one in the North is sure to lead to the draining away of money and block your chances of earning it back.

Remove Black and Blue color from the South East

  • The South-East of your house is a special direction that contributes to your financial success and cash flow.
  • As per the five elements cycle, the fire element rules the south-east direction. To make the most of this direction, it is best to place a kitchen in this area. However, one should be sure to avoid using a black color stone or granite as a kitchen slab. This is because black represents the water element, and its presence in the zone of fire not only disrupts the fire element, it also weakens the strength of the water element in the house. Additionally, it is a good idea to avoid blue color in the form of wall tiles or paints in this direction.
  • Failing to follow this rule could lead to serious and unexpected financial losses.

Avoid an underground water tank in South-West

  • South-West is a key factor to consider when it comes to protecting and preserving your savings.
  • Having an underground water tank in the South-West is a major Vastu no-no. Not only does it hamper your ability to save, but it also causes your hard-earned money to flow out uncontrollably.
  • Your plot should ideally be sloped at its highest level in the South-West. Constructing a sump there goes directly against the rules of Vastu.
  • It's best to keep away from any digging in the South-West to ensure that your funds remain safe.


The entire cosmos is formed from the five elements. Yoga balances these components in the psyche, Ayurveda in the body, and Vastu in your living or working environment.

The more even the balance between these elements, the more consistent the energy flows. Therefore, if we simply stick to the above rules, we can surely energize our working environment which should result in wealth and abundance.

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