Vastu rules you must never ignore

Vastu rules you must never ignore

Taking wrong steps can make us more susceptible to accidents and misfortunes, just as going on the wrong path leads us astray. Who, after all, sets these directions and rules?

Whether in our studies, professional life, or personal life, it is vital to stay on the right track. Direction has an essential role in one’s life, as it serves as the only guiding factor in showing the right paths to take. The same is true in constructing buildings and houses. Just like when we move within certain limits and particular directions, all things, both animate and inanimate, are subject to certain rules and regulations. And when it comes to constructing houses and structures, Vastu Shastra comes into play - not because of its power, but because of its advantages.

Vastu Shastra is the 'science of construction' and provides us guidance on how to erect any structure - from houses to hotels and corporate buildings. It views a building as a living entity that needs to lead a content life, and it outlines principles on how to achieve this. 

Logically speaking, practicing Vastu Shastra allows an individual to be patient, cool and calm. It doesn't manipulate one's behaviour, but reflects the peace and contentment within. If one is willing to assist others, be happy for their achievements, and look out for their best interests, they will be able to experience the benefits of Vastu Shastra.

Contrary to popular belief, following Vastu principles doesn't have to be expensive or result in the wastage of space. In fact, it can be simpler and more cost-effective, while also bringing additional benefits such as good health and prosperity. There is plenty of information out there on the principles of Vastu, between books, the internet, and TV channels. However, it can be challenging for the average person to digest and fully follow these principles.

Vastu norms that a buyer should consider, while buying a home:

  • Choose a residence where the four corners are intact, that is, none of the corners have been cut.
  • Stay away from homes facing south-west.
  • The stairs should be turning clockwise and should not be located in the north-east.
  • The kitchen should be located in the south-east or north-west, but not in the north-east.
  • The main bedroom should be in the south-west, not the south-east.
  • The toilets should be in the north-west and not in the north-east.

Vastu defects that you can rectify, after buying the home:

  • Incorrectly placed furniture.
  • Unsuitable colour choices, including flooring.
  • Unfavourable cooking placement.
  • Misplaced toilet basins.
  • Improper direction of the puja room.

Some important Vastu rules to keep in mind

1. A Cut in the North- East 

Vastu Shastra emphasizes the importance of the North East corner of any structure as the head region, with the South West being the feet. Therefore, it is essential to be mindful of any cuts in the North East part of any plot, flat, or other structure. Such a cut would cause adverse effects on the health, peace of mind, and stability of the inhabitants.

2. An underground water tank/boring in the South East

It is hazardous to have an underground water source or a pit in the southeast region of the property as per Vastu and one must never ignore it.. This could result in accidents, fires, robberies, sudden financial losses, and health problems. 

For this reason, it is essential to check whether there is any underground water tank or hole in the southeast before purchasing a property.

3. A Toilet in North East

According to the ancient scriptures of Vastu Shastra, the North East corner of a home is referred to as the Ishaan Koan, after Lord Shiva. It is believed to be the best spot for a prayer or meditation room.

Placing a toilet in this area, however, can have a negative impact. From a scientific standpoint, the earth’s geo-magnetic forces move from north-east to south-west, so having a toilet here could disrupt and block their natural flow. This can lead to chronic health issues, particularly related to the neurological system. It has also been observed that one or more residents in the house face long-term illnesses, for which no medicine seems to work.

Furthermore, when a toilet is placed in this zone, it can diminish the wisdom and creativity of the residents. They struggle to think clearly and make unwise decisions that result in losses of all kinds. The children, too, lack concentration, impacting their academic performance.

4. An Entrance in South-West

The entrance of any property is the portal for all the energies that come into the house. It is essential to consider the entrance when searching for a property as it can have powerful effects, both positive and negative.

Out of the 32 possible entrance locations, the South-West is one of the most detrimental. Rahu, the planet that rules the South-West, is responsible for the effects this entrance brings. A South-West entrance often results in disorientation for those living in the property, as their efforts don't seem to bear any fruit.

5. Kitchen in the North

The north direction is essential when it comes to manifesting our desires. It can help us attract the right opportunities, be it related to business or a job. According to Vastu scriptures, lord Kuber (the lord of wealth) rules this direction.

Due to its watery elements, north is not suitable for a kitchen as it will negatively influence career growth and opportunities. This will inevitably lead to a decrease in the sales of an associated business. Consequently, the residents of the house may not be able to attract favourable opportunities.

6. Septic tank in the West

Heading West can bring you great fortune and help you achieve your goals. The West's motivating energies will help you expand your horizons and make your efforts worthwhile.

However, building a septic tank in the West could put a damper on your success, resulting in health issues such as lung problems and blood pressure fluctuations.

To avoid any undesirable consequences, it is best to avoid constructing a septic tank in the West direction.

When constructing or creating your house, there are some key points to adhere to. Here are a few for your reference

  • Vastu states that Indra, The King of Gods, rules the East and so that direction must be looked after well to appease him. Keeping the rooms in this direction neat, clean, well ventilated and lit will ensure prosperity and mental peace.
  • When installing a name plate, fix it at the chest level of a person. If fixed at a lower level, it would result in the person’s suppression and status decline. Have boldly and clearly printed words on the plate.
  • For preserving precious records: Put all important papers in the north east direction. Maintain things like certificates, bank papers, testimonials etc. in this direction to guarantee a conflict-free life. This direction is understood to keep discord out of your life. Having a swastika at the place where you keep the papers will secure them.
  • For suspending photos: Putting the owner’s image with their name will bring them fame and fortune. This direction is said to bring in north-eastern magnetic energies that help you grow in life.
  • Lighting a lamp in the house: Lighting a lamp or keeping a diya in the right direction can help ward off negative energies and bring prosperity and fame to the family.
  • Make your presence known: Focus your presence in the south, west, and southwest portion of the house. When sleeping, keep your head pointing south.

Strict Vastu Don'ts

  • Avoid putting the main door in the southwest of the house. This direction is controlled by Agni, the god of fire, and the sun's strong infrared rays come from here. Keeping a door here would cause bad energies to enter the house and have a negative effect on your well-being and reputation.
  • Do not put the water tank in the south-west. Fire and water do not go together, and it can create conflicts between family members, friends, and employees. This can lead to legal troubles and financial problems.
  • Do not place mirrors in the south. This will cause chaos in the family, and people may point the finger at you for things you didn't do.
  • When growing house plants, avoid cacti and other spiky plants.
  • Do not pile up old and useless items or garbage inside the house. This will stop the positive energy from entering and may even cause health issues.


If one tunes the living area suitably for curative, it can guarantee that the energies flowing through the building are properly energized. This can lead to the prompt healing in case of an illness.
Thus one must carefully take care of the above points while creating a house. This way, everyone can guarantee that they stay fit and content.

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What are the disadvantages of the north-facing vastu house?
2023-03-04 05:32:35 AM

Though being modern north-facing houses has some disadvantages as well. Let's see: For passive solar heating, a north-facing house is a poor choice for people living in colder climates. We don't get much natural lighting in north-facing homes compared to the other direct sunlight directions. It creates an overall gloomier atmosphere in the house. You have to pay higher electricity bills for electronic gadgets in colder climates, and you used to keep your home interior warm or within comfortable temperatures.

What should we check in the north-facing house vastu before making a purchase deal?
2023-03-04 05:31:52 AM

You have to check every vastu detail carefully, especially whether the main entrance of the north-facing property/house is on the right pada (i.e., Soma, Bhallat, Mukhya) before making a final purchase deal as the location of the main entrance is the principal factor in home Vastu.

Should everybody buy north facing house vastu?
2023-03-04 05:31:07 AM

Just as east-facing or south-facing or west-facing houses do not suit everybody according to vastu, the same goes for north-facing houses. Some people believe that a north-facing house is auspicious, while others find it inauspicious. The vaastu of a north-facing house depends on the individual (as per Ayurveda), occupation (as per Varna), and the position of the planets. It is important to be attentive to these factors while purchasing a north-facing house, as a small mistake may sometimes invite danger into the inhabitants' lives.

Which Colour Is Best for the Kitchen According to Vastu?
2023-02-28 05:26:29 AM

White is a great colour choice for the kitchen according to vastu. It is soothing and calming, which helps create a peaceful atmosphere in the kitchen. Additionally, white is known to bring positive energy into the home, which is beneficial for the entire family. White is also a versatile colour and can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen, such as in cabinets, countertops, appliances, and paint. With white in the kitchen, you can easily change the look and feel of the space with just a few pieces of furniture or accessories.

What is the affect of pooja room under staircase as per Vastu rules?
2023-02-18 07:02:54 AM

According to Vastu Shastra, the ideal place for a pooja room is on the ground floor of the house. It should not be placed in the basement or on the upper floors, as this could lead to negative energy. Additionally, it should not be placed under the stairs, as this could also cause disturbances in the energy flow.