Importance of Horse in Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of welcoming positive vibes in your home and eliminating the negative ones in order to ensure peaceful and happy living. Vasu suggests using horse paintings and statues in home for instant benefits. Vastu is not just an art of rearranging the architecture of the house but a way to boost energies inside a house that welcomes prosperity and health. There are many ways according to the Vastu that are known for giving that final push to your blooming career, one of them being a presence of a horse near you. Now this doesn’t mean you need an actual horse in your backyard. A simple picture or statue is enough to do the trick. 

According to Vastu Shastra, a horse is associated with vitality and its presence is responsible for triggering that much needed focus and financial stability.

The Running Horse for Rectifying Vastu Defects:

A photo or a statue of a running horse in the home or an office ensures vitality and is known to boost up positive energies in the home which are very much necessary for a financial stability and a rise in career. Though, with every vastu related thing, there are some tips that you need to follow and to avoid: 

  1. North is the ideal location for placing a picture or statue of a running horse. It is known to give that perfect push in the right direction to your professional life.
  2.  For the ones that are looking for fame and prosperity in their careers, should place the horse in a south direction and facing towards the south
  3. An office or a study and a drawing room is the perfect location for keeping a running horse statue in order to see maximum benefits. 
  4. A galloping horse statue in your home should be placed if and only if it does not have a leash attached to its neck. The one with a leash hinders with the prosperity and growth. 
  5. Avoid placing a single galloping horse or a statue in your home. A stallion must always be kept in a pair or multiple at times. 
  6. If you wish to place the horse statue besides the south direction, make sure it is near a window and the face of the horse is overlooking the window. 
  7. A horseshoe is considered as an auspicious ornament to be kept in homes in order to ensure good health and good luck in the house. Horseshoe as a doorknob is great for attracting good vibes . 
  8. A ring made of horseshoe in the middle finger of the right hand is considered very auspicious and is known to keep the evils at bay. 
  9. It is a good omen to place a decorated horse on your study desk that is in a position of jumping with its right foot stamping and the tail is lifted. It is bound to ensure success and well being. 
  10. A picture or a statue of a horse emits happiness and tranquility from its posture rather than anger.

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Which color Ganesha is good according to Vastu?
2023-02-03 07:39:26 AM

White Ganesha, also known as Shweta Ganapati, is considered to be an important symbol of prosperity, wealth, and happiness. According to Vastu Shastra, it is believed that worshipping a white Ganesha brings with it luck, prosperity, and fortune. It is believed that one who worships Ganesha with a white idol will be blessed with success and abundance. Additionally, it is also said to bring peace and harmony to the home and the people residing within it. Thus, a white Ganesha is the perfect choice for those who are looking to attract prosperity and peace into their lives.

Which idol is good for home entrance as per Vastu?
2023-02-03 07:37:38 AM

One should keep in mind that having a Ganesha idol in pairs at the entrance of the house will bring prosperity, wisdom, and success. It is said that placing the Ganesha idol facing left is known as Vastu Ganesha, which helps to solve many Vastu related issues. Therefore, placing a pair of Ganesha idols at the entrance of the house is highly recommended.

Which type of Ganesha idol not good for Vastu home?
2023-02-03 07:35:59 AM

Worshiping the Lord at home should be done with utmost respect and devotion. The best way to do this is to install left-sided Ganesha statues, idols or photos. Worshiping the left-sided Ganesha is known as 'Vighna Harta', which means 'remover of obstacles'. It is believed that if the left-sided Ganesha is worshipped with utmost dedication and sincerity, then the wishes of the devotee are fulfilled quickly.

How to choose Ganesh idol for Vastu home?
2023-02-03 07:27:35 AM

Ganesha idols sitting in Lalitasana pose are considered to be the most auspicious and bring positive energies to the surroundings. The image of Lord Ganesh in Lalitasana position signifies peace, tranquility, and harmony in life, and it is believed to bring good luck, wealth, and prosperity. Other than this, Ganpati Bappa images or Ganesh photos in reclining positions are also considered very lucky and bring luxury, comfort, and wealth.

Where should rice be stored as per Vastu?
2023-02-03 03:36:04 AM

Between East and South East. Additionally, it is the perfect place to store food items like fruits, vegetables, rice, pulses and other groceries. You can construct a rack in this direction to hold the food items and ensure that they are fresh and easily accessible. This is a great place to make curd, as it is considered auspicious.